Dressage Training in MA

I design my training programs to bring out the best in each horse. My methods are based on proper fundamentals of classical dressage and clear communication.

Customized Dressage Training Services

My training services are completely customized to suit the needs of you and your horse. I understand that horses cannot be trained in a ‘cookie cutter’ fashion.¬† I will evaluate each horse individually, and create a plan and training program suitable to their personality, needs, and temperament, as well as your goals for yourself and your horse.

I believe in variety in a horse’s training routine, utilizing ring work, cavaletti and poles, and hacking outdoors to create the a well-rounded athlete. It’s important to me to keep the horses happy in their work, maintain their naturally curious and eager attitudes, and encourage them to thrive throughout their careers.

I’m happy to accompany students to competitions throughout the season, offering coaching and support.

Erin Shea on Foster at Almost There Farm, Townsend, MA.

My Approach

My customized approach creates horses that are happy in their work, eager to please their riders, and capable of performing at all levels. I’ve worked hard to hone my training experience and abilities with that goal in mind. As a result, I’m able to train over a broad spectrum ranging from the starting of young horses through the Grand Prix level. My versatile skillset allows me to offer something unique to each client.

Patient, correct, positively-reinforced training is the fundamental base of any successful training program. I pride myself on correctly starting young horses. We begin with the fundamentals of ground work. All horses that I have started learn how to ground drive and long line before being backed. Generally, this method allows them to find the transition stress-free and natural.

I’ve had great success working to correct horses with ring-related behavioral issues. Most horses are much happier once they have been shown how to work correctly. When they understand what is being asked of them and how to correctly respond, they ultimately find the work easier and less stressful.

I’m confident that I have something to offer anyone looking for help with their horse. Whether it be preparing for breed shows, starting horses for careers under saddle, or polishing your horse for his first FEI test, I would be honored to train your horse and help you achieve your goals.

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