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Dressage training, lessons, and sales

Erin Shea Rewarding Foster in Training at Almost There Farm.I’m proud of the services and results I’m able to offer. My training services are completely customized to suit the needs of you and your horse. I understand that horses cannot be trained in a ‘cookie cutter’ fashion. I believe that utilizing a variety of tools in a horse’s training routine is the most effective way to create the happiest equine athlete.

I pride myself on providing top-notch care and consideration for each horse’s individual needs. It is important to me to keep the horses happy in their work and environment, to maintain their naturally curious and eager attitudes, and encourage them to improve and thrive throughout their careers.

As all dressage enthusiasts know, high-quality dressage is impossible without an effective rider. I can help you to become the quiet, effective rider that you’ve always wanted to be. I will work with you to develop a clearer connection and communication between you and your horse.

I enjoy pairing riders with a horse that is ideal for their needs and goals. If a new equine partner is what you’re after, I would be thrilled to work with you throughout the entire process. Check out any of the horses I currently have for sale, or contact me and we can work together to find a good match.

I’d love to meet you in person! I’ll be showing across New England and New York in 2014. Take a look at my show schedule and feel free to stop in and introduce yourself!

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